Cossy Orijakor Reacts To Shan George's Question On Sex With A Pastor

Coming after Cool FM's Daddy Freeze gave an epic response to Shan George's question, of having sex with a Pastor and using his money to help poor people, Nollywood Actress Cossy Orijakor, who disclosed last week that she will be sharing her statement of account, which has the name of a popular Nigerian Pastor, should Kemi Olunloyo remain in jail, has also reacted to the post.

In her post on Instagram, Cossy said it is not a very big sin sleeping with a Pastor, but it becomes a big sin when the person making sure the Pastor casts out demonic spirits in ladies, don't get appreciated.

Here's what she wrote;

"Hahahahaha it is not a very big sin dear...@shangeorgefilms once the pastor is speaking in tongue and casting out the demonic spirit with his good dk. But it becomes a big sin when the person making sure the pastor cast out demonic spirit in ladies Don't get appreciated.

The money can be enjoyed peacefully and also be used to help others. But the tithe money will disgrace and embrace those who do not appreciate the one that hooks up the deals. the saying goes give to Ceaser what's Ceaser and to God what's God's. It's a big sin when you do business with a pastor and get cheated while he is still enjoying the fruits of your labour. OK that's my 5min... Kolo break ."

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